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DHDaily: Desperate Housewives HQ Photo Community
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This is a community for pictures from Desperate Housewives. This community is based off other communities such as csishows_daily, house_daily and others.

{*}This is a picture-posting community. Any offtopic posts will be deleted. There are so many communities out there for icons, other graphics, fanfic, discussion - go use them if you just wanna chat!

{*}Following on from the above, all posts must contain at least one picture of a member of the Desperate Housewives cast. Recurring guest stars are good, too. [For example, Dougray Scott].

{*}Don't hotlink. It's pretty simple, not to mention self-explanatory. Many people pay for their bandwidth, they don't need it eaten by you.

{*}For large images, please use an LJ-cut. Don't know what one is? Don't feel bad, I didn't either, once upon a time. Check out this entry in the LJ-FAQ. Please make sure any images containing spoilers for unaired episodes are behind the cut!

{*}Community promotion is a big no. We don't like ratings communities, we don't like communities for other shows, we don't like communities for your free fish your giving away or selling your annoying child's toy.

{*}Please try and make sure the picture you're posting hasn't been posted already. Tags and memories features are in use, and they're incredibly helpful. Tags will be added as posts are made.

{*}If photos are from fan-sites, or any other credit-deserving site, CREDIT YOUR SOURCE!

{*}All pictures are great, but hi-res ones are especially welcome. Remember the LJ-cuts though, there are still users on dial-up.

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